011.video quick start tutorial

📌 To upload an external MP4,  WebM or MKV (Chromium only) video file from your local device click on upload video button 011.video works?

  1. The first video uploaded will be display on full screen and play as it until it reach the end that you are free to force.

  2. While first video is playing you can upload upload video button 011.video works? another audio file (MP3, Wav, OGG) which will be rendered as an audio background. To stop it just click on  cancel button 011.video works?

  3. While first video is playing you are also authorized to upload upload video button 011.video works? another video file (WebM, MP4 or MKV) which will be rendered as a video overlay reduced to 1/3 scale. To stop it just click on  cancel button 011.video works?

Other options to upload a video :

Double click inside and type a URL ( http://….) to upload an external video file. The file extension must be : .mp4 or ,webm or .mkv

📌 To upload one or multiple images (Format : JPG, PNG, SVG, GIF) inside the canvas click on upload image button 011.video works?

After uploading one image, you can move it inside the canvas and by the way this image resize by itself. During the resizing process, if the image width or height reach canvas dimension so the picture will be rendered on full screen.

If you upload multiple files at once (unlimited number), thumbnails will be displayed on right of the window. So you must drag and drop each thumbnail inside the canvas. Image will be displayed first on full canvas. It makes slideshow creation easier.  If you want to resize the picture just move it inside the canvas. If you had previously uploaded a video or a GIF or open your webcam on full screen, image will be display with its natural size. 

Other options to upload an image :

  1. Copy and paste any image inside the canvas

  2. Double click inside and type a URL ( http://….) to upload an external image file. The file extension must be : .png or ,jpg or .gif

📌 To start the Webcam click on 

011.video offer 2 show options :

  1. First, the webcam is displayed inside a small frame. You are free to change the location by clicking inside the canvas.

  2. The webcam is displayed on Full screen.

📌 To stop the webcam click on 

📌 To start the Microphone click on  to stop it click on

Add your voice or any external audio source at anytime on any media (Text, images, videos, capture stream). During an audio/video playing make sure to use headset to avoid recording sound from video twice.

📌 To overlay a sticker over the video with your voice click on

  • 011.video allows you to stick an image or a short video with speech recognition system. Just say words as YES or Dream or again spell words as LoL or OMG. If the speech recognition system understand the word, an image or a VIDEO sticker are displayed for few seconds if  it’s an image or until the video is ended.

  • More-ever during the display, you can move the sticker as you want.

  • This feature requires Google Chrome and an Internet broadband access.

📌 To capture content from another browser tab or external application click on

Always tick Share audio box    so you can use the microphone or add another audio source from a video later.

📌 To add a visual effect or to crop/blur a video, a webcam render or an image click on

📌 To cancel the last text, image or draw that you did and go back to the previous step click on cancel button 011.video works?

📌 To record your video click on

  • Use this button anytime you want to record what is displayed on the screen. The result video is coded in real time with the WebM file format. By the way, the WebM file made with 011.com is coded in real time. It means that the video is recorded with no time stamp (Except with Firefox browser). You can upload WebM video made with 011.video file on any platform (Youtube, Facebook…). This process will implicitly recreate the time stamp during the video saving. But if you need a video with a time stamp on your local device, to make some update at the time position 133 seconds for instance, you will have to convert it in MP4 or another format with a 3rd party online tool or software as VLC, before to upload it again on 011.video.

  • During the recording, every-time a video is uploaded a new image is uploaded or pasted inside the canvas or a new text is typed the video recording is automatically switched to pause

  • But if you add a voice comment with a microphone or a sticker with your voice during the recording the video won’t be paused.

  • Just keep in mind that once you push this button everything will be recorded in live and you can’t cancel it. So make sure to save parts of your video step by step.

📌 To pause the recording  click on

 You can now take your time to upload a mew video or picture, add text or copy/past small icons or images. When it’s all right, just record it again.

📌 To write any text double click or tap twice 🖱 inside canvas

You can add text on empty canvas but also over any image or video.

  1.  If you type a text is shorter than the screen width, it will be displayed as a simple phrase with the default font size and color.

  2.  If you type a text longer than the screen width it will be displayed on the full screen from the top 

  3.  If  you paste inside the text field a long text (Lyrics, subtitles…) which start with a star   ‘ * ‘   it will be displayed as subtitles at the bottom. Notice that to be processed as subtitles the text must start with  ‘ * ‘  and also each phrases must end with character punctuation ( ‘ . ‘  or   ! ‘   or   ‘ ? ‘ )  . 

For any of this 3 text options for changing change the color click on  and for changing text size click on few times on

To change the font style click on top open a 3rd party website. Select a font, write your text, then copy/paste it inside 011.video canvas.

Before you enter the text, make sure to copy it. So if you need to change the text location just click on cancel button   and paste it somewhere else.

📌 To draw line with the mouse or your finger click on

  • To change the drawing color at any time click on 

  • Click on this button    to stop drawing.

📌 To download the final video click on 

For safety reason you have to stop the recording before to download.

📌 To get a canvas image snapshot right click inside the canvas.

📌 Open new web page to get royalty free images, fonts, music and sounds click on

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