011.video quick start

upload video button 011.video works?  Upload any external video file with MP4, MKV, WebM format video.

upload image button 011.video works?  Upload one or multiple images (Format : JPG, PNG, SVG).

  Webcam OFF –   Webcam ON. You get 3 webcam options : Right side – Left side – Full screen.

Microphone OFF   Microphone On

Speech to Emo-sticker to stick an image or a video from speech recognition keywords, just say words as YES or spell LoL, OMG… Requirements : Broadband Internet access. Professional computer device. Quiet working room.

  Screen capture from browser tab or external application.If you plan to use microphone always Share the Audio.

  Add a visual effect to video, webcam or image.

cancel button 011.video works?  Cancel the last text, pic or draw that you did and go back to the previous step.

ON RECORD button. Click to start recording what is display on the screen. If you uploaded a video, this will start it. You can add a voice comment or any external audio source. You can also upload a pic or copy/past images. If you type some text during a video play the recording is automatically stopped. Just keep in mind that once you push this button everything will be recorded in live and you can’t cancel it. So make sure to save parts of your video step by step.

 PAUSE recording button. Click on this button will stop the recording. You can now take your time to upload a mew video or pic, add text or copy/past small icons or images. When it’s all right, just record it again.

  To write any text double click 🖱 inside canvas even over image or video. If you write or copy/past text > 40 chars it will be rendered on the full page. If you copy/past text longer than 480 chars it will be display in a scrolling way and process in text to speech.  If you want to change the text location just click on cancel button  and write it somewhere else.

Draw what you want with your mouse. Turn off this button to stop drawing. You can change the drawing color at any time by clicking on the next button.

Capture/download screen and use it as thumbnail on Youtube.

You are finish, congrats ! Click on this button to download your video. Just make sure to stop the recording before.

Open new web page to get royalty free images, fonts, sounds…

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