011.video app is compatible with which browser ?

011.video web app rely on web browser API, so make sure to use a compatible browser without any third party extension for best result.

011.video on Chrome 011.video web app works on Chrome last version

Make sure to set up on “Use hardware acceleration” in Chrome setting.

Pros : 011.video is a progressive web app. So once Chrome browser is installed you can install 011.video PWA in your device. So it will be easier and faster to use. 

Cons : If you use a low-end device you may be got some issues when recording heavy video. If so you can get a lighter Chrome portable previous version. By the way 011.video web app wouldn’t be disturbed by your favorites Chrome extensions. You can also use a Chromium browser as Slimjet who work very well with 011.video.

011.video on Firefox  011.video web app works fine with the Firefox last version.

Pros : Firefox provide video recording with timestamp included. It means that Webm video made with 011.video is seekable this is not the case for Chrome and Edge right now.

Cons : The video file sizes made with Firefox are bigger than those made with Chromium browser.

011.video on Microsoft Edge 011.video web app works on Edge last version

Pros : Edge is a Chromium browser provided on Windows 10 so  you can install 011.video as Progressive Web App on your device. So it will be easier and faster to use. 

Cons :  As the 011.video speech to stickers feature rely on google speech recognition service, it’s not available on Edge.

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