Transform a PowerPoint into video with audio

Transform a PowerPoint into video with audio

How to convert PowerPoint slide presentation into a video & audio

  1. Open your PowerPoint file

  2. Start the PowerPoint slideshow

  3. Exit from the slideshow with Alt+Tab to go on

  4. To start the screen capture click on

  5. Choose the Application Window tab, select the PowerPoint slideshow and click to share

  6. Alt+Tab to go back on

  7. Open the microphone to add a voice comment

  8. Start to record the PowerPoint screen

  9. Go back to the PowerPoint presentation to display slide by slide with audio comment

  10. When it’s finished, go back to to stop the microphone  pause the record and download

Here is the PowerPoint audio/video presentation made with

Minimal hardware requirement :

This Power Point video has been made on this desktop configuration :

Asus Laptop

Processor AMD E2 1.50 GHz

Memory 4 GB

Internal microphone

Software : Windows 10, Chromium browser, WPS PowerPoint

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