Make a scrolling video with MP3 song

How to make a scrolling picture video with MP3 audio ?

Audio source :

Picture Source :

  1. Double click inside the Canvas to write the title “Forever Young” and choose larger font by clicking on then Record
  2. Upload the MP3 music file
  3. Upload a JPG picture (Height > 720px) and the scrolling effect start automatically, you can stop the scrolling by clicking once inside the canvas
  4. Start recording your video
  5. At the end, stop the MP3 audio to do a smooth recording of next text, write “I know, i look 30 years old.” and “My secret ? The Deny…”.
  6. Restart the MP3 audio
  7. Continue to record your video, when it’s finish pause and download


Here is the scrolling picture video with MP3 music


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