Turn PDF catalog to a sale marketing video

How to convert a PDF catalog to a YouTube video with audio easily

  1. Start 011.video web app

  2. Open a new tab and upload your PDF file (CTRL+O) then select “Tile this tab on the right side” in  the browser context menu when it’s available. On Google Chrome you must install an extension as Tile Tabs WE  TILE TABS to manage this. Tile Tabs WE provides facilities to take tabs from a parent window and arrange them in a layout of tiled sub-windows.

  3. You must see 2 screens :  011.video on the left and your PDF on the right, now click the capture button and share the PDF screen. Don’t forget to tick the “share audio” box.

  4. Start to record   and scroll the PDF from the Screen on the right

  5. To add voice comment click on the microphone button 

  6. To add a sticker over your video with your voice click on the “speech to stickers” button 

  7. To write something over the video, just double-click, type your text and change the text size by clicking on the visual effect button

  8. As soon as you are finish to comment your PDF pause download your video


Here is the PDF catalog converted into video with annotations

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