Add a MP3, Wav, Ogg sound effect into video

How to add a sound effect into video easily online ?

  1. UploadĀ  theĀ  front presentation image, record and pause

    Double click over the image to write the video title, then record and pause

  2. UploadĀ  the “Hourglass video” (Free video get from

  3. Open another browser tab and upload (CTRL+O) a sound file (format MP3, Wav, Ogg) from your device. If you got a high speed internet access, you can also play the sound online from a free sounds database (For example :

  4. Go back to web app ans start to capture the previous tab browser. Make sure to select Share Audio.

  5. Start to play your sound. You can select the player loop option so you can start to record the sound at anytime.

  6. Start to record then pause your video and the stop the sound playing as well.

  7. Before to upload the next image, make sure to end the video play end the video play

  8. Record the image then pause and download the first part of yourĀ  video.

  9. Repeat the same process for the next 3 sounds.

  10. When you have created your 4 video chunk, you just have to upload and record them one after the other and make a Fade out transition between them.

  11. It’s finish pause and download your final video.


how to add a sound effect

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