How to embed subtitles into video with only 1 copy-paste

Embed subtitles into video with only 1 copy/paste

How to Copy/paste lyrics or any text on video and use your mouse wheel to display it on the fly ?

#1 step

Get a free background video from [ ]

The video only long 20 seconds. So we need to make it longer.

  1. Upload the video 

  2. Start to record and pause it before the end.

  3. Finish to play ► the video until the end.

  4. Redo the process 1-2-3 until you get a 4 minutes video

#2 step :

Mix the 4 minutes video with audio from a YouTube video song [ ]

  1. Upload the video 

  2. Open the YouTube video song in another browser tab and mute the site to avoid a double audio source.

  3. Come back to web app and start to Capture this browser tab. Do not forget to tick the box Share Audio.

  4. Start to record and at once play ► the YouTube song. For slow Internet access, first download the video song (MP4/MP3) then open the file (CTRL + O) in the browser tab.

  5. Lets the music play and when it’s finish pause and download

#3 step :

  1. Open the video with song music added

  2. Open song Lyrics file with any editor and copy it. Notice that to be processed as subtitles the text must start with  ‘ * ‘  and each phrase must end with punctuation character ( ‘ . ‘  or   ! ‘   or   ‘ ? ‘  or  ‘ , ‘)   . You don’t have to bother with file subtitles format (SRT, VTT or EDL) and there is no size limit.

  3. Double click inside the canvas and paste your text (the Lyrics).

  4. Start to record

  5. From the song’s beginning move the mouse wheel 🖱  to display the lyrics phrase by phrase.

  6. When it’s finish pause and download

Here is the subtitled video song made with :

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