How to add subtitles to a video from plain text

How to add language subtitles to a video from a text file ?

How to add language subtitles to a video from a plain text file ?

  1. Upload the video you want to add English subtitles.
  2. Double-click inside the canvas and a text field appear. Now you just have to paste your transcript text  that you have copied before from any text editor. Text can also include Emoji or special graphic characters.
    Notice that to be processed as subtitles the text must start with  ‘ * ‘  and each phrase must end with punctuation character ( ‘ . ‘  or   ! ‘   or   ‘ ? ‘  or  ‘ , ‘)  
    You don’t have to bother any more with file subtitles format (SRT, VTT or EDL) and there is no text size limit.
  3. Start to record and when the video speech begin, turn the mouse wheel 🖱 to display the text phrase by phrase.
  4. When it is finish pause and download your video

Here is a video sample with English subtitles made with

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