How to create your own Karaoke in minutes

How to create your own Karaoke in minutes

How to make a Karaoke with 1 MP3 file + 1 JPEG image + 1 lyrics text file ?

  1. Upload  the MP3 music file. To show how it’s easy to make a karaoke video with we choose a music mashup [ ] made from 2 french song chunks (“Les feuilles mortes from Y. Montand” and “L’orage from G. Brassens” and one small reference of  “Mission Impossible soundtrack”.

  2. Upload the JPEG image [Panoramic image from S. Hermann & F. Richter -]

  3. As the image dimension is 1920 x 1280 web app automatically display the photo with a panoramic effect (from the left side).

  4. Let the image scroll and Double-click over the image to paste the song lyrics

    Notice that to be processed as subtitles the text must start with  ‘ * ‘  and each phrase must end with punctuation character ( ‘ . ‘  or   ! ‘   or   ‘ ? ‘  or  ‘ , ‘)  

    In this sample we use a lyrics file made from 2 French songs chunks and a phrase to mention the Mission Impossible Theme Song :

  5. Start to Record

  6. When the music begin turn the mouse wheel 🖱  to display the lyrics phrase by phrase.

  7. When the song is finish pause and download your video

📌 Here is video subtitled with

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