Embed lyrics song into music video clip

How to add lyrics over a video song on the fly with your wheel mouse :

  1. Upload the video song

  2. Copy the song lyrics from text editor

  3. Double click inside the canvas and paste the song text  .

    Notice that to be processed as subtitles the text must start with  ‘ * ‘  and each phrases must end with character punctuation ( ‘ . ‘  or   ! ‘   or   ‘ ? ‘  or  ‘ , ‘)  .

  4. Turn the mouse wheel to Start recording

  5. When the song lyrics begin turn the mouse wheel  to display each phrase, one by one.  As you want to make a Karaoke video, make sure to turn the mouse wheel before the music tempo.

  6. When the music is finish pause  and select and copy the   “End video” footage link you like

  7. Double click inside the canvas and paste the “End video” footage link, then Record and Pause

  8. download the Karaoke video 

Here is Karaoke video made with 011.video

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