How to play with GIF image over a video

How to Overlay Animated GIF over a video ?

  1. Double click inside the canvas to write any video title, click on to change the text font.

  2. Click on to Upload a video from your device.

  3. Click on to Upload an animated GIF image from your device.

  4. When GIF image is loaded the video start to play with the GIF image overlaid.

  5. Reduce the GIF size and move it over the video as you like.

  6. When you are ready Record the video  and continue to play with the GIF.

  7. Click once inside the canvas to set up the GIF in a fixed position.

  8. Double click inside the canvas and write anything as a GIF comment. The text will display on top of the GIF image.

  9. Pause the video to add an End Screen.

  10. Click on  to select a Free End Screen Video Loop and copy the video link

  11. Double click inside the canvas to paste the video link selected

  12. Play the End screen video loop once until the end to avoid any video lag

  13. Record the End screen video loop from the beginning and download your video


Here is a video sample showing how to play with an animated GIF over a video :

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