How to Overlay a GIF from Giphy over a video

Since the Internet has an almost infinite supply of free animated GIFs, some of them may be used to improve your video project as well. For example, find an amusing pet GIF and you can insert it with web app.

How to Overlay a GIF uploaded from Giphy over a video ?

  1. Click on to upload a video from your computer.

  2. Double click inside the canvas to paste the GIF link copied online from []Baby yoda GIF from Giphy

  3. Wait until GIF image is loaded and the video start to play with the GIF image overlaid.

  4. Reduce the GIF size and move it over the video as you want.

  5. When you are ready Record the video  and continue to play with the GIF.

  6. Click once inside the canvas to set up the GIF in a fixed position.

  7. Double click inside the canvas and write any text as a GIF caption. The caption dis will be display on top of the GIF image.

  8. Let the video play. Pause the video and download .

Here is a GIF overlay a video on YouTube   :

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