How to overlay transparent GIF from Gifer over a video

How to overlap a transparent GIF from over a video?

  1. Click on to upload a video from your computer
  2. Double click inside the canvas to paste the GIF link copied online from Gifer.comTransparent GIF uploaded from
  3. Wait until the transparent GIF image finish to load from the website and display inside the canvas
  4. You can also upload a GIF image from your device by the same way
  5. To resize the GIF move and hold the mouse down. The GIF will become smaller before to be rendered on full canvas
  6. When you are ready, record your video
  7. Continue to play with the GIF over the video
  8. To freeze the GIF position click once inside the canvas
  9. Pause the video 
  10. Download 

Here is video sample who show a GIF image overlapping a video

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