What about 011.video web app ?

011.video is a video editing web App made for any  newbies in other words for everybody. 80% of the people can use without reading the how-to tutorial.

Zero learning, 100% doing

It’s not pretentious to say that 011.video is the easiest tool that you can get online to annotate or edit a video, but if you find a simpler one, let us know, leave a comment 😉

Thanks to 011.video you don’t need days and days of training to make an awesome video and you save the cost of a freelance designer. You don’t have to work hours around video timeline or complicated visual effects and so on… to create your own video. Thanks to 011.video make a video content is made extremely intuitive.

You can mix video, sound, voice, images, drawing, web and external content capture, to get an effective video. Unlike some video editors in the market, you are not restricted by template designs, you can build your video in a freestyle.

Of course, simplicity means that you get all you need to make a decent video. For us, it’s obvious. What matters is building a video editor people actually need and want to use, not an expensive “huge labyrinthine system”  for video designer.

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