Can i save my video in MP4 file format ? app rely on web API standards and right now WebM is the only audiovisual media file format use to record video from the web because it’s royalty-free. At the opposite, software patents apply to MPEG-4 technologies. Reading any video using MPEG-4 is free, but charged to content publishers.

By the way, the WebM file made with is coded in real time. It means that the video is recorded with no time stamp. You can upload this WebM video file on any platform (Youtube, Facebook…) without any difficulties. This process will implicitly recreate the time stamp during the video saving. But if you need a video with a time stamp on your local device, to make some update at the time position 133 seconds for instance, you will have to convert it first in MP4 or another format with a 3rd party online tool or software as VLC, before to upload it again on

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