Add virtual instruments and samples into a video online

Add virtual instruments and voice into video online

How to add virtual instruments and samples into a video online ?

  1. Upload  a video song from your device. A notification states that your video is ready to play.

  2. Open a virtual sampler [ ] in another browser tab.

  3. Go back to web app and start to capture the previous tab browser. Make sure to check “Share Audio” box. To use this feature you must have a high speed internet access.

  4. The video song start to play and your video start to record automatically.

  5. Go back to the sampler tool and add samples or sounds as you like.

  6. Before the end of the video song in our example below, we opened the mic to add a voice comment “I love it” as well as a sticker “love”.

  7. When the video song is ended it will pause by itself.

  8. Download your video.

Here is the video song after samples added with


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