How to add permanent subtitles into a video on smartphone

How to add subtitles into a video on a mobile screen

How to add permanent subtitles into a video on the fly with your finger ?

  1. If  your  text  subtitles  have  long  sentences,  pick  larger  screen

  2. Choose your text subtitles color 
  3. Upload the video song
  4. Select and copy a file text from an editor App, for instance “Abc editor” Android app. Here are the lyrics text used as subtitles for the video below.
  5. Tap twice inside the canvas and paste the text 
    To be processed as subtitles the text must start with  ‘ * ‘  and each phrase must end with punctuation character ( ‘ . ‘  or    ‘ ! ‘   or   ‘ ? ‘  or  ‘ , ‘)  
  6.  Start to Record then scroll the screen down.
  7. When the speech start touch the screen with your finger (outside the canvas is better) to display each phrase, one by one.
  8. When the video speech is finish pause
  9. Download the video with subtitles embedded