How to animate a corporate logo into an intro video

How to make a corporate logo animated video intro ?

  1. Open external resources window  How to make a corporate logo animation video intro
  2.  Click on video and to select a video intro background. Search for “Doodle”,  choose a video background then right-click and copy the video address.
  3.  Double click inside canvas and paste the video address URL :
  4. Hover the upload video icon    and turn the mouse wheel 🖱 to reduce the video speed from 1 to 0.1
  5.  Record the video
  6.  Upload the image logo from your device, it will trigger a video pause.
  7. Move the image inside the canvas and click few times to rotate the image until the image fit the background
  8. Restart the recording  and pause the video after few seconds.
  9. Clear the image logo  from the video background
  10. Right click on the video control and uncheck the loop attribute. Restart again the recording  until the end
  11. The video is paused by itself, you can download your video

Here is the “Corporate logo animation video intro” made easily with web app

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