Extract Audio from MP4 and add it to another video

Here’s an easy hack to get the audio track from a MP4 video and to add it to any other video very easily. No need to be an expert video designer to use this trick.

How to extract a soundtrack from a MP4 video source and add it to another video?

  1. Upload any video    (WebM, MKV, MP4 format) from your device that you want to add soundtrack. If the video is short tick the loop attribute of the control video
  2. Click once on upper right corner of the 011.video canvas. This trick will hide the next MP4 video
  3. Upload the MP4 video audio source
  4. Your video will start automatically to record with the audio track from the second MP4 video.
  5. Let the audio play until the end and Download your video

Here is video result with audio track from a second MP4 video made in few clicks with 011.video web app :

Try 011.video it’s free and without watermark