Overlay transparent PNG image over a video online

How to overlay transparent PNG images over a video ?

  1. Click on to upload a video from your device
  2. Start to Record  your video
  3. Turn on the ‘speech to stickers’ feature  (011.video editor pro version only)
  4. Then, say a sentence as “I like this movie “
  5. Move the first transparent PNG image sticker overlaid anywhere
  6. You can notice that the video is still recording.
  7. Click once to freeze the PNG image position
  8. The second sticker will appear after that. As the size of this second transparent image sticker is larger than the canvas size it will be rendered on full screen. Click once to freeze the position of this second PNG image
  9. Let the uploaded video play with stickers overlaid.
  10. Pause your video
  11. Download your video

Here is the “Avatar 2 movie video with sticker stickers overlaid”

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