How to make an explainer video in minutes

How to create a classroom video in 15 minutes ?

  1. Upload a classroom video background from your device.  Set on the loop attribute  
  2. Double-click inside the canvas to write a title for example “Little Red Riding Hood”. A text field appear and an external website tab is open on the right to give you the choice to get new style font
  3. Type your title, paste it, select a font style, copy and paste it again in text field.
  4. After entered the title, move it inside the canvas and click once to freeze it
  5. To make the kid’s story display inside a small “virtual box”, click twice in the upper left corner of the box you want to write inside.  Then do the same process as the previous step to get a new font style
  6. Change the text color as you like 
  7. Now click once on the down right corner of the “virtual rectangle” where you want to display your story
  8. Begin the recording of your video.
  9. The scrolling text will start to display.
  10. Add any image or GIF from your device upload image button works?
  11. Add any video from your device
  12. The scrolling text and your video will be paused. Move the illustration over the video and click once to freeze the position
  13. You can also add stickers over the video to turn on the ‘speech to stickers’ feature. Then, say a word for instance “Grandma”. Move the first transparent PNG image sticker overlaid anywhere and click once to freeze the position 
  14. Every time you want to remove an image, GIF or video from the canvas, you need first to pause the video and stop the text scrolling
  15. The last kid’s story illustration will disappear as soon as you restart to record
  16. Then you add new illustrations picture or video
  17.  When the text scrolling is ended your video will be paused by itself
  18. Download your video

Here is the “Little Red Riding Hood” tale video made with in 15 minutes.


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