How to fill a speech bubble with text over a video in real time

How to fill a speech bubble with text over a video in real time ?

  1. Upload a GIF image  a video   which will be displayed as background. If you choose a short video length make sure to set on the loop attribute.
  2. Move and hold the mouse down to resize the video until it is rendered on full screen
  3. Copy your text to fill the speech bubble from any editor available
  4. Click twice in the upper left corner of the speech balloon you want to write inside
  5. A text field appear. CLICK FEW TIMES ON  to change the font and the text size
  6. Then click once on the down right corner    of the speech bubble where you want to display your text
  7.   Start to record      the text will display in scrolling mode
  8. When the text display is ended the video would pause by itself
  9. Download your video with the speech bubble filled with text 

Here is an “Animal Crossing” speech bubble video sample made with


Speech bubble or Thought Bubble are fun and are an effective way to display long text without being boring. Thanks to you can do it in 2 clicks. 1 click to paste your text and another to set the down right corner    of the speech bubble.

Try it’s free and without watermark

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