How to add a post-it over a video

How to stick a post-it note over a video ?

  1. Click on   upload image button works?  to add a cover image for your video, then record    & pause  and remove it 
  2. Click on   upload image button works?  to add a Post-it image, then remove it and drag the post-it thumbnail below
  3. Move the post-it where you like and mouse down  🖱  to resize it, then record    & pause to freeze the post-it.
  4. Click on    to upload a video from your device.
  5. Double-click inside the post-it to write a note. A text field appear and an external website tab is open on the right to give you the choice to get new style font
  6. Type your title, paste it, select a font style, copy and paste it again in text field.
  7. Click fez times on to change the text size, change the text color as you like  then type Enter
  8. Now click once on the down right post-it corner of the “virtual rectangle” where you want to display your note 
  9. Click again on    the scrolling text will start to display.
  10. Click on   upload image button works?  to add any image or GIF from your device.
  11.  When the text scrolling is ended your video will be paused    by itself
  12. Click on   upload image button works?  to add a “Game Over” image from your device the record
  13. Click on    again and let the video finish it will stop the recording of your video.
  14. Download    your video
Here is “the office post-it video” made online with

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