How to make video with text, GIF, PNG, MP4

How to make video with text and GIF overlay on  1 transparent PNG over a MP4 video ?

  1. To upload a MP4 video background from your device click on
  2. To add a transparent PNG image over the MP4 video click on  upload image button works?
  3. To add an animated GIF over the PNG image click on  upload image button works?
  4. Double-click inside the canvas to add a text. Open a text file from your device with any editor
  5. Copy the script text and paste it inside input text field
  6. Change the text color as you like and Enter  
  7. Now click once on the down right corner of the “virtual rectangle” where you want to display your text 
  8. Begin the recording of your video
  9. The scrolling text will start to display
  10. When the text scrolling is ended your video will pause  by itself
  11. Download your video 

Storyboard material : MP4 video source  : Audio source : Transparent PNG image :  GIF source :  Greta Thunberg meme – Script source : Wikipedia

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