Add midi files to video

How to add midi background music to video online ?

  1. First Upload  the video you want to musical from your device   
  2. Open a new browser tab and get a midi file online from a MIDI website  :
  3. Go back to and start to capture  the midi audio website page   
  4. Don’t forget to  tick the  “Share audio” box
  5. As you only want the midi soundtrack move the captured page out of the canvas
  6. Return to the midi website and play the midi music file online
  7. Go back to editor and record   
  8. The recording will of the video together with the midi music played online.
  9. Warning : Recording music online suppose to get a broadband Internet access. If your Internet access is slow, first download the music file, then open a new browser tab, upload your file (CTRL+O) and let the music play
  10. When the video is ended it will  pause  by itself   
  11. Download your video   

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