How to convert Article to video on chromebook?
Turn article to video on Chromebook is a simple-to-use video editor ideally suited for low-end device as  Chromebook.

Most video editing software are currently only available for MAC and Windows OS. This is not the case with the that relies on the web browser API, so it works on any web browser, including Google Chrome. Perfectly designed for Chrome OS/Chromebook computer, by the way. is also a progressive web app which allows you to download and use the app offline on your Chromebook device. The only feature that needs an internet connection is the speaking to stickers.

With you can mix up video files, add subtitles or audio into video, or grab external content from another Chrome tab. has an immense advantage over rivals as it offers a reduced code size and saves Chromebook memory resources. So you will be able to edit your video faster with light code. adopt the “Simple” basic principle of Chromebook, since it is the easiest video editor in the world. Without reading the how-to tutorial, 80% of people will use it. What matters to us is that people really want a video editor and can use it, not a technical toolbox for experts in video design.

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