Replace any video background with a transparent background

How to replace any object from a video by a transparent background ?

  1. Upload the video that you want to make transparent background
  2. For a short video right-click on the video control and set the attribute ON  
  3. Play the video
  4. When you are ready to remove the green screen click on visual-effects button special effect
  5. Click on the magic wand (Alpha Channel) button  blur the video
  6. Click INSIDE CANVAS on the green screen background.
  7. Continue to click until the color is replaced by a transparent background. You should see a removal counter display inside the message box
  8. If you’ve clicked too far click on the cancel button to step back
  9.  Play the video again end the video play
  10. Check if all the selected color is gone.
  11. Click on the scissor hand button  scissor and button
  12. Click once and hold the mouse button 🖱Down to select the object to cut with the pair of scissors.
  13. Click once again and release the mouse button 🖱to remove the object selected.
  14. Play the video again, check if the selected object is gone. Set the loop attribute off.
  15. Record the video with the new transparent background 
  16. Click on pause button 
  17. Download your video
  18. You will find file in your download directory. Contrary to MP4 format who doesn’t support an Alpha channel, WebM video container format does. By the way WebM is the best format to play a transparent video over a webpage. Here is a sample of a ‘transparent video overlaid a webpage’
  19. You can apply the same transparency process with a webcam stream    Just Make sure to select a full canvas display and to have a strong color contrast between you and the background behind

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