Crop a video in real time online

How to crop* a video in real time online ?

  1. Upload your video you want to crop 
  2. As the video use in this tutorial is displayed in natural dimension, you need to resize video until it is rendered on full canvas to do the cropping process
  3. Select the Crop function by clicking  on  and on crop button   crop
  4. When you are ready, click on the upper corner of the video part you want to cut   
  5. Then click on the down corner of the video part   
  6. Record the resized video    and play with it in real-time
  7. stop the Crop process by clicking  on    the video is still recording in real time but on full size
  8. Click on pause   
  9. Download your  video   

*Video Cropping refers to the reduction of an image’s exterior parts.
So it eliminates something from the video on the left, right, top and/or bottom. Typically, cropping videos is used by cutting something out (known as the Pan and Scan method) to adjust the aspect ratio.
The process also involves removing some peripheral areas of a video in order to eliminate foreign trash from the image, improve its composition, change the aspect ratio or accentuate or separate the subject from its meaning.

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