Turn online music track into a video in real time

How to turn music into video online

How to turn an online music soundtrack into a video in real time ?
  1. First Upload    a background animation video
  2. open a new browser tab and type URL of any free music source database website
  3. Go back to 011.video tab and click on
  4. do not forget to tick the “share audio” box
  5. Start to play the music soundtrack in the browser tab
  6. Come back to 011.video editor and click on    to record the video together with the music played online
  7. Warning :

    Recording music online, suppose to get a broadband Internet access. If your Internet access is slow, first download the MP3 music file, then open a new browser tab, upload your MP3 file (CTRL+O) and let the music play

  8. When the music track ended, pause    your video
  9. download    your video
Here is the video made with music played online in real time :

Player Video source : https://pixabay.com/videos/search/player/

Online audio source :  https://soundcloud.com/funksinatra/aretha-franklin-think-funk-sinatra-house-editfree-download

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