Turn a PDF into a video with audio online

How to convert a PDF file into a video with audio ?

  1. Open 011.video editor app
  2. Open another browser tab and upload your PDF file from a URL or from your device (command CTRL + O).
  3. Come back to 011.video tab and minimize the window by clicking on the box in the upright corner
  4. Drag the PDF tab on the right of your screen
  5. Come Back to 011.video tab, click on    to share the PDF content with 011.video app. Don’t forget to tick the “share audio” box to be able to add the audio background later
  6. Upload    the music file ( format : mp3, OGG, WAV or FLAC )  you want to add as an audio background to the PDF
  7. If the audio file is short set the loop attribute
  8. Start to record    and click on the PDF tab.
  9. Use your keyboard arrow to scroll the PDF page after page
  10. When you reach the PDF bottom pause your video 
  11. download the PDF converted into video with audio

Try 011.video it’s free and without watermark   

Audio source : https://freesound.org/people/Hippy664/sounds/103637/