How to make a Cinemagraph in real time online

How to create a Cinemagraph from a video in real time online?

  1. Upload your video you want to process 
  2. As the video is bigger than canvas size,  it is rendered on full canvas
  3. Play the video and pause where you like to make a screenshot.
  4. Right Click and save the PNG image. This picture will be used as cinema graph background later.
  5. Select the Crop function by clicking  on 
  6. Click on crop button   crop
  7. Click on the upper corner of the video part you want to use as a cinemagraph animation 
  8. Then click on the down corner of the video chunk   
  9. The canvas size is resized  to the natural size of the cut video
  10. Record the resized video animation
  11. Click on pause button   
  12. Download the video animation   
  13. editor app restart.
  14. Upload the cinema graph background PNG image  upload image button works?
  15. Upload the cropped video animation and overlay it over the image at the right position
  16. Record your cinemagraph 
  17. it’s done, download your cinemagraph 

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