Add sound effects to video online

How to add sound effects into video online ?

  1.  Double click over the image to write the caption “guess what sound it is?”
  2. Record the caption   
  3. Pause   
  4. Upload an “Hourglass video animation”   
  5. Open another browser tab and select sound from a free sounds online database (For example :
  6. Back to , start to capture the previous browser  tab   
  7.  Make sure to tick the Share Audio box
  8. As we are only interested in audio, move the capture screen outside the canvas
  9. Start to play the sound
  10. Start to record the transition video  footage with the external audio 
  11. Pause your video   
  12. Stop the sound playing as well on the other browser tab
  13. Upload an image   
  14. Make an image fade out transition   
  15. Record the fading out   
  16. Pause  your video 
  17. Repeat the same process for the next 3 sounds
  18. Download  your final video   

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