Make video fade to black in real time online

How to apply fade out transition on images to make a video ?

How to apply a Fade to black effect on images and make a video in real time onlineĀ  ?

  1. Upload your imageĀ  Ā 
  2. Click on visual effects buttonĀ  Ā 
  3. To fade out a video click onĀ  Ā  fade out
  4. At once start to recordĀ 
  5. When the screen become full black pause the video
  6. Repeat the same process for the following images
  7. For a scrolling effect uploadĀ  an image 2 times higher than the canvas height and it will be rendered with a scrolling up effect
  8. To stop the scrolling effect just move the mouse cursor out of the canvas

Here is a video with Fade out effects made with editor

Try it’s free and without watermarkĀ  Ā  Ā