Add a GIF sticker over a video in real time online

How to add stickers over a video with your voice ?

How to paste a GIF sticker over a video with speech to sticker special featureĀ  ?

    1. Upload a videoĀ  Ā Ā  you want to paste a GIF sticker over
    2. Start the speech to stickers featureĀ  Ā 
    3. Now you just need to speak to see the stickers display. As app uses the browser speech recognition API some slang words like LoL for instance must be spelled to be understood.
    4. Once the GIF image loaded start to recordĀ 
    5. Play with the GIF over the video as you like
    6. As soon the video is ended it will pauseĀ  Ā 
    7. Now you can download your video with the GIF overĀ