Add stickers over a video in real time online

How to overlay a video sticker on video in real time online  ?

  1. Click on      to upload a background video from your device.
  2. Set a loop control if the video is short
  3. Start to record your video 
  4. Click on      to turn on the ‘speech to stickers’ feature
  5. Say any word, phrase or spell a word as “LoL” for instance
  6. Move the sticker overlaid in real time as the video plays
  7. To resize the sticker move and hold the mouse down. The sticker will become smaller until it is displaying on full canvas
  8. To hide the sticker you can move the sticker out of the left canvas border or out the down canvas border
  9. Pause your video 
  10. Download    your video with sticker overlaid

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