Text overlay to video online

How to overlay a text over a  video online  ?

  1. Upload a video  from your device or from online   
  2. Open your plain text file with a text editor application
  3. To overlay the text over the video, first double-click  inside where you want to start the render
  4. You should see this icon displayed   
  5. Paste your plain text  inside the input field just opened   
  6. To change the font size click a few times on the visual effects button   
  7. Change the color 
  8. Type Enter and  you should see this icon displayed    
  9.  Record your video to display the text overlay   
  10. The text will start to overlay  in a loop from the top to the bottom
  11. When the text is ended the video will be  paused by itself   
  12. Download the video with the text overlay   

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