Visual effects vs After effects

For keying,  compositing, and animation pros video designer use  Adobe After Effects application but if you are occasional or semi pro user you can use to make stunning video very, very, very easily.

How to make visual effects by pasting a transparent image shape over a video ?
  1. Upload  a first video that you want to insert a transparent background shape   
  2. For a short video right-click on the video control   and set the loop attribute ON   
  3. As you want to paste an image as a shape who makes the video background transparent, click on visual-effects button special effect
  4. Click on the scissor hand button  scissor and button
  5. Upload a picture who must be an alpha channel PNG image so that edges draw a shape   
  6. Move this image over the video
  7. Click once to freeze image position
  8. Record your video with the transparent background shape over 
  9. Click on pause   
  10. Download your file   
  11. Upload  a second video as a background   
  12. Upload file made before as an overlay   
  13. Record your video   
  14. The background video appears through the transparent shape of the front video

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