Add ambient sound to video online

How to add ambient sound to video online ?

  1. Open editor in a first browser tab
  2. Open a second browser window and type  source URL of the ambient audio you want to add to the previous video   
  3. Come back to tab and minimize the window by clicking on the box in the upright corner   
  4. Drag the  ambient audio tab on the right of your screen
  5. Two widows are now sharing your screen
  6. Upload a video you want to add ambient audio to from your device    
  7. Start to capture the ambient sound webpage   
  8. Don’t forget to check off  “Share audio”
  9. As you only want the ambient audio move the screen capture outside the canvas to hide it
  10. Play the ambient soundtrack
  11. Record the video together with the sound played online   
  12. Warning : Recording audio online suppose to get a broadband Internet access. If your Internet access is slow, first download the MP3 music file, then open a new browser tab, upload your MP3 file (CTRL+O) and let the sound play
  13. Pause your video   
  14. Download your video with ambient audio background   

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