Add music samples to video online

In audio, the duplication of a part of a sound file in another recording is sampling. Samples may contain elements such as rhythm, harmony, voice, sounds, or whole music bars, which may be layered, equalized, accelerated, or slowed down, replicated, looped, or otherwise manipulated.

How to add music instruments and samples into a video online ?

How to add music samples and sounds to video online ?

  1. Upload any song video from your device   
  2. Open a virtual sampler website in another browser window for instance  [ ]
  3. Go back to and start to capture the previous window 
  4. Make sure to tick “Share Audio” box
  5. To hide the sampler window capture move it outside the canvas
  6. Start to record your video   
  7. Go back to the sampler window and add music samples or sounds as you like
  8. To add a voice comment “I love it” open the mic   
  9. As well, to annotate the video with a “Love” sticker at the same time click on     
  10. As soon the video song is ended it will pause by itself   
  11. Download your video   


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