Turn WordPress post to video

Turn WordPress post to video

How to convert WordPress post to video ?

  1. Open 011.video editor Pro version
  2. Open the WordPress post you want to capture in another browser tab
  3. Copy any image from the WordPress post  (CTRL + C) and paste it (CTRL + V)  inside the canvas as video background
  4. If you want to add an audio background upload MP3 audio file and set a playing loop   
  5. Return to the WordPress post and copy the HTML URL from address bar
  6. Double click inside the canvas and paste the URL inside the input text field
  7. In this tutorial all the story will be converted to video, including authors name and social network contacts
  8. If you only want to make a  video with a piece of the WordPress post first select and copy words you want to start from. Type  <  as a start marker and add this text chunk to URL in the input text field. Type  >  as an ending marker then  select ending words and add this text chunk to URL in the input text field
  9. Enter the URL
  10. Record to start WordPress post to video conversion process    record
  11. That’s it, the WordPress page conversion process start to animate the text
  12. When the text animation is ended, it will trigger a video pause
  13. Download your video 

Web page to video conversion feature is only available with 011.video editor Pro version

Source : WordPress post used for this tutorial

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