Automatic video creation from a webpage

How to generate a video automatically from a webpage ?

  1. Open editor
  2. Double click inside the canvas and paste the HTML URL inside the input text field
  3. It takes a few seconds to load the text and to try to import images from the webpage and to add (copyright-free) background images
  4. If images are loadable, they will be displayed below the canvas as thumbnails
  5. Just click on the thumbnail to render each image inside the canvas
  6. If couldn’t fetch any image, just copy the image you want from the webpage then paste it inside the canvas
  7. To add a (copyright-free) music background, click on background music
  8. To add a (copyright-free) video background, click on Add video background
  9. To start to turn the webpage into video, click on video slideshow
  10. The automatic conversion process begins to animate the text and to make the video record
  11. During the rendering process you can add video, GIF or webcam overlay
  12. At the end of the webpage, the recording is paused
  13. Download your video 

Only paid members have access to editor Pro version, but you can try the Webpage 2 video conversion with the free version.

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