Turn text into video online

How to turn plain text into video online ?

  1. Open 011.video editor
  2. Copy the text with any text editor
  3. The length of the plaintext must be > 1400 characters
  4. Double click inside the canvas and paste the text inside the input text field
  5. Enter the text 
  6. It takes a few seconds to display Royalty-free images related to the text content then to render background and border images
  7. Just click on the thumbnail to display each image inside the canvas as you want
  8. To add a (copyright-free) music background, click on background music
  9. To add a (copyright-free) video background related to the main keywords from the text or to add generic intro / background /outro videos, click on Add video background
  10. To start to turn the plaintext into video, click on video slideshow
  11. The automatic conversion process begins to animate the text and to make the video record
  12. During the rendering process you can add video, GIF or webcam overlay
  13. At the end of the webpage, the recording is paused
  14. Download your video 

Try to convert Text into video with 011.video free

Why should you should convert text to video in 2021 ?

Your competitors are making videos to capture the attention of potential customers. So, you don’t have to think twice about including video in your marketing strategy.

  • Video has a greater impact on purchase intent than text.
    When it comes to getting your message across, videos are superior to other forms of communication. They have great emotional power. When you combine images and music to tell a story and connect the viewer’s emotions to your product or service, you make a stronger personal connection. Just make sure your video addresses your customer’s problems while presenting your product as a possible solution.
  • When you use video, your visitors are more likely to remember your brand.
    Have you ever reached the end of a book page and realized you have no idea what you just read? Then you have to waste time re-reading what you’ve already seen. This type of behavior is called regression. Regression can be unpleasant when reading textual information, but it is almost non-existent when watching videos.
  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
    With a video, you can convey more in less time, unlike text. Because it engages the senses more, a video can convey more information by presenting and informing at the same time. Also, the brain processes videos much faster than text. Not only is the human brain more accustomed to seeing images, but it can also interpret them better.
  • Videos are a great way to learn and teach.
    Videos are great teaching tools because they combine auditory and visual components that engage many senses. They are especially good for product demonstrations or instructional sessions because viewers can really see how things work or learn a new skill. People who learn with visual support increasingly refer to themselves as visual learners. This type of learning works well with videos because they help people remember knowledge better than a wall of text.
  • Keeping visitors interested is what videos do.
    Videos not only pique viewers’ interest, they keep them interested. Because they have such a deep emotional connection to them, they are readily shared, commented on, and appreciated. Text and images together are shared less frequently than videos. On social media, people like to share images and videos, but they like to share videos even more.
  • Videos successfully capture the interest of the audience.
    When you’re browsing a website, think about what catches your eye. Is it a boring, generic text ad or a funny video? Since people’s eyes are drawn to motion, the movement created by videos quickly grabs their attention.
  • Search engines like videos.
    Google gives preference to videos over plain text articles and ranks them higher. As you may know, inbound links have a great impact on SEO results. When someone shares your video or a link to your website, it generates an inbound link. Google ranks your website as more trustworthy if it has more inbound links. If you upload videos to social media, write about them, and embed them on your website, your target audience is more likely to find you.


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