Turn webpage text paragraph by text paragraph into video

How to convert webpage into video in less than 3 minutes ?
    1. Open 011.video editor
    2. Open the webpage you want to convert into video in another browser tab
    3. Copy the article URL
    4. Start 011.video, double click inside the canvas and paste the webpage URL
    5. click to Enter
    6. 011.video start to import images from the webpage
    7. It takes less than a minute to load the text and to fetch images from the webpage before to display them below the canvas as thumbnails
    8. Then 011.video will add (Royalty free) background, border and CTA images at the bottom
    9. Just click on the thumbnail to display each image inside the canvas
    10. To add a free music soundtrack, click on background music
    11. Browse the text paragraph next text
    12. Select a text paragraph and double click inside the canvas to set the text top left corner
    13. Select a new font if you like 
    14. Edit or not the text paragraph inside the field just opened
    15. Change the color as you like
    16. Enter the text 
    17. Click again inside canvas to set the text bottom right corner
    18. After 3 seconds, the scrolling of text paragraph start
    19. Record the text paragraph
    20. At the end of the text paragraph scrolling, pause pause
    21. Repeat the steps 11 to 20 for next text paragraph
    22. Download your video 

Try to convert the text of a web page into a video with the free version of 011.video

Article source used in this tutorial : https://edition.cnn.com/2021/07/26/business/tesla-earnings-record-quarter/index.html


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