Make numbered list video from webpage

How to make a numbered list Video from a webpage ?

  1. Open editor Pro
  2. Open the bullet points webpage you want to turn into video in a new browser tab
  3. Double click inside the canvas and paste the bullets points webpage URL
  4. click to Enter
  5. It takes less than a minute to load the text and to import images from the webpage and to add (copyright-free) background images, before to display them below the canvas as thumbnails
  6. Just click on the thumbnail to display a background image inside the canvas
  7. Click again on the thumbnail to display an overlay image to write the bullet point pitch over
  8. To add a (copyright-free) music background, click on background music
  9. Browse the webpage text next text
  10. Choose a paragraph and double click inside the canvas to set the text top left corner
  11. Edit or not the text inside the field just opened
  12. Change the text color if you want
  13. Change the font as you like
  14. Enter the text
  15. Click again inside canvas to set the text bottom right corner
  16. After 3 seconds the text scrolling start
  17. Record your videorecord
  18. At the end of the text scrolling, the video is paused
  19. Repeat the steps 7 to 17 for each bullet point pitch
  20. Download your video 

 Try  make numbered list video from webpage with free version.

Webpage source :

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