Turn text into video – 7 reasons why you should do it

  1.  A picture is worth a thousand words
    Compared to text, you can say more in less time with a video. Because a video is more appealing to the senses, it can convey more information by showing and informing at the same time. Also, videos are processed by the brain much faster than words. Not only is the human brain more accustomed to seeing images, but it can also understand them better.
  2.  Videos increase purchase intent better than text
    Videos are more effective than other media in getting your message across. They have a great emotional impact. When you use visuals and sound to convey a story and connect the viewer’s emotions to your product or service, you build a stronger personal connection. Just make sure your video addresses your customer’s problem areas and presents your product as a compelling solution.
  3.  Videos are an excellent format for information and education
    Videos make excellent teaching tools because they combine audio and visual components that engage multiple senses. They are especially effective when used for product demonstrations or as how-to guides, as viewers can actually see how certain things work or learn a new skill. More and more people are using visual aids to learn and refer to themselves as visual learners. Videos accommodate this learning method because they help people remember knowledge better than a thick wall of text.
  4.  Videos help visitors remember your brand
    Have you ever finished reading a page in a book and then realized you have no idea what you just read? Then you have to waste time re-reading the material you’ve already seen. This behavior is called regression. Regression can be annoying when reading printed material, but it’s almost non-existent with videos.
  5.  Videos grab the audience’s attention
    Think about what catches your eye when you’re browsing a website. Is it a boring, generic text ad or a visually appealing video? Since your eyes are drawn to motion, the motion created by videos automatically grabs people’s attention.
  6. Videos keep the viewer engaged
    Videos not only grab people’s attention, they keep it. People like to share, comment, and like them because they connect with them deeply and evoke strong emotional responses. Text and photos together are shared more often than videos. People love to share things on social media, and they love to share videos even more.
  7.  Search engines love videos
    In Google search engine, videos get more weight and are ranked higher than plain text articles. As you know, SEO ranking is strongly influenced by inbound links. So when people share your video or link to your website, an inbound link is created. The more inbound links there are, the more credible your website appears to Google. If you share videos on social media, write about them, and embed them on your website, your target audience is more likely to find you when they search for related content.

If the benefits of video marketing aren’t enough to persuade you to start, consider the following: Your competitors are releasing videos to attract potential consumers’ attention. So You don’t have to ponder if video should be part of your marketing strategy anymore.

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