Add scrolling text to video is a free online video editor with no watermark that lets you quickly and easily add text to your video. With just a few clicks, you can add scrolling text into any section of the video, change the font and adjust the color. While there are hundreds of video editors that let you add text overlays to videos, only a handful offer an endless scrolling display like editor.

Using Editor to add scrolling text and customize your video is really simple and straightforward. Just prepare your background video and follow the instructions below to create a fantastic video.

How to add a scrolling text over a video for free online  ?
  1. Upload a background video on which you want to overlay the scrolling text
  2. Once the video background is imported, you can select a text to add to the clip
  3. Open your plain text file with any text editor App
  4. Select everything and copy your text. So, in the next step you will paste the scrolling text to your video
  5. Double-click or tap twice in the canvas to position the upper left corner of the “virtual rectangle” where you want to display your scrolling text
  6. Paste the text into the input field you have just opened
  7. To change text font, click on
  8. Change the text color as you like  
  9. Since the Enter key on your keyboard is used to edit the text in the input field, you must enter the text by clicking on
  10. In the upper left corner of the “virtual text block” should appear this icon
  11. Now click once in the lower right corner of the “virtual text block”
  12. The wider and higher the “virtual text block” is, the larger the text font size is. In others words, text font size is proportional to the text block size.
  13. A 3-second countdown is started before the scrolling text begins
  14. It is up to you to check the scrolling text without recording
  15. If you decide to record your video, click on
  16. The text starts scrolling automatically
  17. When the scrolling text is finished, the video will stop by itself.
  18. Download the video with full scrolling text overlay

People also ask :

Is adding a scrolling text with free?

Yes, adding a scrolling text with less than 500 characters is free of charge.

Do you add a watermark over the scrolling text with

No, the scrolling text function is added without a watermark. For premium features like converting articles to videos, converting URLs to videos, or converting long text to videos, the logo is added.

Is there a text length limit ?

Yes, the maximum text length for triggering a scrolling text function is 500 characters.

Can I paste the text over an image or a GIF?

Sure, you can insert the text over an image or a GIF.

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