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Add text to video for free onlineVideos with text can be informative and educational, but they can also be playful mood enhancers or even memes. Text can be useful in videos for many reasons. You may want to tag a video or an object in your video. You can title your video to draw attention to what follows. Or you can simply add text as a decorative element to give your video more context.
There are other benefits to adding text to your videos. People are regularly bombarded with information, using subtitles is a great way to grab their attention. Subtitles are a great way to keep your audience interested and informed, because it’s not always easy to turn on the sound while you’re browsing on your phone. . Studies have shown that most Facebook videos are viewed in silent mode. It’s easy to see how subtitles can help your marketing efforts.

Inserting text into your video can take visual storytelling to a new level. By simply inserting text into your video, you can quickly highlight the essential elements of your message. You can expand important words and phrases, give them a different color, make them bigger, and arrange them strategically in your video.

By adding text to videos, you can improve the quality of your social media documents. You can easily create engaging content for your audience, whether you’re an influencer, a business, or a Youtuber. Adding text to a video reinforces the information you’re trying to convey and helps viewers remember it. With, it’s easy to prepare videos for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
You’ve come to the right place, no matter what the purpose. Choose the font, color, style and position of your text to quickly insert text into your video and spread your message via video. is the world’s easiest way to insert any text into videos in real time.
How to add a text over a video for free online  ? is a free, easy-to-use video editor that lets you add text, captions, emojis, watermarks and more to your videos, photos and GIFs. Just upload your background image/video and reposition the text overlay.

  1. Upload a background video on which you want to overlay the  text
  2. You can also upload a photo or GIF as background
  3. Once the media background is imported, you can select a text to add to the clip or image 
  4. Double-click or tap twice in the canvas
  5. Enter the text in the input field you have just opened
  6. To display your text as a sentence, the text width must be smaller than the canvas width
  7. To change text font, click on
  8. Change the text color as you like  
  9. Enter the text by clicking on
  10. Move the text to adjust the text placement and dynamically resize the text
  11. Click once in the canvas to freeze the text size
  12. You can still position the text anywhere within the canvas, but the size is frozen
  13. Record your video
  14. Pause your video
  15. Download your video with text overlay

People also ask :

Is adding a text to video with free?

Yes, with editor you can add any text you want for free.

Will my video with be watermarked?

Don’t worry, no watermark will be added for this basic function. For premium features like converting articles to videos, converting URLs to videos, or converting long text to videos, the logo is added.

Is there a text length limit ?

Yes, the maximum text length is the canvas width.

Can I paste the text over an image or a GIF?

Sure, you can insert the text over an image or a GIF.

Convert a long text to video now, for free

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