Article to video conversion online

Why should you use an online tool to convert articles to videos?
You’ve worked hard to write a fantastic article, and the last thing you want to do is accept it as is, assuming that everyone prefers text-based material. By revamping your article, you can appeal to a new audience that prefers to receive information differently. In fact, some members of your audience prefer summaries or information in the form of an engaging video.
How to convert an article into a video easily ?
    1. First, launch software
    2. Select an article to convert into a video and copy the article link
    3. Go back to, click twice in the canvas
    4. Paste the link of the article you want to convert and enter
    5. imports the article text and fetches the images and video backgrounds belonging to the article
    6. Edit the article by removing sentences and enter it
    7. Summarize the article in the short article by moving the sliding cursor and entering it again
    8. Click on the thumbnail below the canvas to select a video background
    9. Add a frame around your chosen video background
    10. Click on one of the contrast thumbnails to increase contrast until you find the right level
    11. To add a free music soundtrack, click on background music
    12. To launch the automatic conversion of the article into a video, click onvideo slideshow
    13. The video recording is automatically halted after the end of the article
    14. Add an Outro video, record and pause
    15. It’s done, your article has been converted into a video with audio, download it
Convert your Article into video, it’s free



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