Turn text into video online

Why should you make videos out of your text ?

Don’t have the time or expertise to create a video for your online business? Try our 011.video software that takes care of everything. For a quick and easy conversion from text to video format, 011.video is a great solution as there is no big learning curve.

How to convert plain text into a video  ?
    1. Launch 011.video software
    2. Select the text you want to convert
    3. Go back to 011.video, click twice in the canvas
    4. Paste the plain text and enter
    5. 011.video pulls in the images and video backgrounds associated with the article
    6. Edit the text by removing words or sentences and enter it
    7. Summarize the text into a shorter text by moving the sliding cursor if you like and enter the text again
    8. Select a video background below the canvas by clicking Play
    9. Add a border to the video background
    10. Add a free music soundtrack, click on background music
    11. To start the automatic conversion of the text, click onvideo slideshow
    12. The video recording is automatically paused after the end of the text
    13. Add an outro or Call To Action to close, record and pause the video
    14. It is done, your simple text has been converted into a video with music. You can download it

Convert your text into video now for free




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