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Why you should turn articles into videos?

Get Google ranking by posting videos of articles on YouTube. Since YouTube is owned by Google, videos that match Google search results appear at the top. So if you turn your articles into videos, you’ll get traffic from both YouTube and Google search.

How to turn an article into a video easily and quickly ?

    1. Launch software

    2. The final format of your video is determined by the canvas size by default, but you can change it.

    3. Copy the article URL

    4. Come back to and click twice in the canvas

    5. Paste the link of the article you want to convert and enter

    6. starts to pull in the text of the article from the website

    7. The software also pulls in all the images from the published article

    8. also fetches image and video backgrounds related to the article

    9. Edit the article by removing the text you don’t want to keep and by typing the text then enter it

    10. Summarize the article in a shorter story by moving the sliding cursor, if you like, and re-enter it

    11. Click the thumbnail below the canvas to select a background image or background video

    12. Click on a contrast thumbnail to increase contrast

    13. Add a frame around the video background

    14. Select a free music soundtrackbackground music

    15. To launch the automatic conversion of the article, click onvideo slideshow

    16. The video recording is automatically halted after the end of the article text

    17. Add an outro video to finish, record and pause the published video

    18. It’s done, your article has been converted into a video with music, download it

Try to convert an Article into video

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